Project Description

You found my site, which means more than likely you’ve been Googling. If I’m not the first site, I’m sure you have read about Florida being a no fault divorce state, and other very accurate but extremely complicated information. While some of it can be tricky, the basics are this:

In Florida, we follow the PEACE acronym. I didn’t make it up, ask any family law attorney you meet with.

P – Parenting. Cue the Florida Supreme Court Parenting Plan. To oversimplify the Parenting Plan, 1) decision-making, and 2) you need to consider where your child(ren) will be.

E – Equitable Distribution. Fancy term for the division of all of your marital assets and liabilities.

A – Alimony. One spouse may have to pay the lower income earning spouse support. There’s no calculation. There are guidelines and lots of coloring outside of those lines.

C – Child Support. There’s a calculation for this one! There’s very little control over child support. You plug in the numbers and you get what you get. For the most part.

E – Everything else. (Creative, right?!). Think: dependency exemption, uncovered medical expenses, the filing of tax returns, life insurance, attorney’s fees and court costs, anything else that must be dealt with that is specific to your family…

Just a couple things to point out:

  • No, it isn’t fair. It never is.
  • It’s complicated. Most of the time the answer to your question is: it depends. There are very few clear rules in family law. The decisions the judges make are often discretionary, which is the perfect segue into my next point –
  • It’s frustrating. While I cannot ever guarantee the outcome of your case, I can tell you this – my goal is to educate you, so that you can make decisions and feel comfortable knowing that you had all the information necessary to make the best choices possible.

This was just a basic overview. Your case will obviously have specific needs that are tailored to your family. Know this: No matter how bad things may seem right now, you always have options. Reach out and let’s talk about your situation and see what options you have moving forward.