Project Description

Sex. You had it. And now you have a baby. Now what?

Step 1) Determine the father

Either you can agree on who the father is, or there’s a DNA test that’s done. Spoiler alert: there’s no Maury Povich moment of “You are not the father!”

Step 2) Parenting

The Parenting Plan is your friend. You’ll need to address 1) decision-making, and 2) where the child(ren) will be, with whom, and when.

Step 3) Child Support

Florida has a calculation. You plug in the required information, and the equation results in a monthly child support obligation.

Step 4) Everything Else.

I’m borrowing this category from the divorce section. Basically, you want to consider dependency exemption, uncovered medical expenses, the filing of tax returns, life insurance, attorney’s fees and court costs, anything else that must be dealt with that is specific to your family.