Project Description

First and foremost: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

And I don’t just mean our active duty or reserves servicemembers or our retired veterans. I’m also talking to our military spouses and military children. You all serve in different, but trying, ways that many do not understand. So, thank each and every one of you. You make the world go ‘round.

Military divorces are unlike civilian divorces and should be handled very carefully! An unwitting attorney could gloss over something that may seem small to the untrained eye, but that skipped item could mean the world of a difference to a military family. We all know the military loves acronyms…got BAH and COLA on your LES? No problem. Are you currently OCONUS and about to PCS? Ok. Worried about SBP coverage and whether you can continue to be covered by TRICARE? Those are legit concerns that must be addressed!

I grew up military. My dad spent 32 years in the US Army serving our country. I lived through all the PCSs, shopping at the PX, countless deployments and TDYs, and I graduated from a DODDS high school in Würzburg, Germany. Point being, I understand and can help navigate your military divorce case without relying on Google to translate the military language.

Reach out and let’s have a conversation! Let’s see if I’m a good fit for you to help get you squared away.